Here at the D’Mar Real Estate Group, we feel giving back to the community is very important. We support Brandon’s Elves, Peoples Pantry, and Ocean of Love all located in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Brandon’s Elves is an organization that helps families in need during Christmas time. They work with local businesses and people in the community to give less fortunate families gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. In the year 2016, Brandon’s Elves helped about 500 families.

Peoples Pantry is a food pantry for families that are in need. The supermarket style pantry helps over 16,000 residents in Ocean County. The pantry started right after Hurricane Sandy struck, they distribute about 1.2 million pounds of food each year.

Ocean of Love is a local charity that works to help families with children who have been affected by cancer. They provide assistance financially and emotionally. To date, Ocean of Love has helped about 500 families through this tough time.

We work together with the organizations through fundraisings and attending their events that benefit their charity. It is always a true pleasure to give back to the community you live in.